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From just being a simple provider...

Our core competency, based on cutting and stamping, has enabled us to create numerous integrated metal parts.
These parts, even if not always visible, are essential to daily life in numerous sectors: fire protection, opening and closing systems, brackets and fixings, fluid treatment and transport, etc.

“Our many decades of experience enabled us to implement an efficient project management approach, and to be successful, it is necessary to work together with the client, sharing the same goal.“
Pascal Faure, President

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford (1863-1947)


…to being a true partner

Ever keen to provide an in-demand global solution, over the years we have added an increasing number of related operations to our core competencies; this led us to integrate all of our operations, allowing us to offer a finished product.


We provide you today with an
appropriate and efficient solution

Indeed, cutting and stamping become means of production which generate new subassemblies, and then materialise in the form of optimised finished products.

For each new project, a project manager is appointed who becomes your personal point of contact. The project manager serves as an interface between the different actors within DEP Industrie and its partners.

Together with you, we will study all your specific needs and make them part of a controlled process with the aim of offering you an efficient global solution. In this way, DEP Industrie stands out as an indispensable partner.

Our global solution comprises several phases, from the pre-study and(or) prototyping, through the co-design of your products and the manufacturing of your tools, to the assembly and packaging.

These phases will be followed through our secure and collaborative online platform to achieve an innovative and optimised global solution.

Our collaborative online platform, an efficient interface built by DEP Industrie to secure all communications with clients, has been in use for almost 10 years.

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