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From a simple supplier....

Our core know-how, based on cutting and press-forming, has enabled us to create numerous integrable metal parts.
These parts, although not always visible, are essential to day-to-day life for a large number of sectors: fire safety, locking systems, supports and fixings, treatment and transportation of fluids...

"Our 30 years of experience have enabled us to put in a place an efficient project management system, and to succeed it is necessary to work together towards a common goal."  
Pascal FAURE, Chairman and CEO.

"Meeting is a start; remaining together is progress, working together is a success."  
Henry Ford (1863-1947)

.... to a genuine partner

Then over the years, with the desire to offer a high-quality global solution, we have added in more and more additional operations relating to our core know-how, up to the integration of all operations to offer an end product.


Today, we bring you

Cutting and press-forming are production means which create new subassemblies and then materialise as optimised end products.

For each new case, a project manager is appointed; they become your special contact. They ensure the interface between the different contacts at the heart of DEP Industrie and our partners.

We will study your requirement together to incorporate it into a controlled process, the goal of which will be to offer you a global and efficient solution. DEP Industrie is thus an essential partner.

Our global solution includes several phases, from pre-study and(or) prototyping, to the co-design of your products and the manufacturing of your tools, right through to the assembly and packaging.

These phases will be monitored and kept safe through our collaborative platform, culminating in an innovative and optimised global solution.

To ensure our exchanges with clients are kept safe, we have offered our collaborative platform, an efficient interface built by DEP Industrie for our clients, for nearly 10 years.

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