Assembly & Packaging

“With the evolution of our service offering toward the design and production of complete subassemblies, the development of our assembly and packaging capacities was essential.”

Pascal Faure, President

1. Mechanical assembly

We specialise in the assembly and packaging of subassemblies with the objective of offering a turnkey product.

Our riveting, crimping, threading, and other equipment, along with our know-how in the mounting of subassemblies, allow us to deliver comprehensive, low-cost solutions of metal products and assemblies, ready to be integrated into your assemblies and finished products.

Mechanical assembly

2. Packaging

Moreover, our automatic packaging equipment allows us to provide packaging solutions ranging from small, personalised bags of screws through unit packaging for large volumes of product using a shrink tunnel, to the complete palletisation of cartons.

Over time, assembly has become a speciality at DEP Industrie. Today, we can integrate different subassemblies composed of metal, plastic, electric, and electronic parts.

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