Assembly & Packaging

"With our range moving more towards full subassemblies, development of our assembly and packaging capabilities was essential." 

Quentin MONTES, Commercial Development Manager.

1. Mechanical assembly

With our goal to offer you a turnkey product, we specialise in the assembly and packaging of subassemblies.

The riveting, crimping and tapping equipment we use...and our know-how relating to subassembly mounting enables us to produce complete metal solutions as cheaply as possible, which are ready to be integrated into your end product assemblies.

Mechanical assembly

2. Packaging

What's more, our automatic packaging equipment enables us to produce anything from a customised little packet of screws to individual packaging of a larger volume in the shrink tunnel, right through to the complete palletisation of boxes.

Assembly has become, over time, a DEP speciality. Today, we can integrate different subassemblies composed of metal, plastic, or even electrical and electronic parts.

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