Study & Co-design

1. Creation of our Research and Development department

In 2004-2005, to demonstrate its strong willingness to become a real industrial partner, DEP Industrie created its own Research and Development department.

Led by a drive to innovate and design, our Research and Development department will take part in the design of your metal parts and subassemblies, and the solutions offering the best technical and economic compromise will be adopted.

Creation of our Research and Development department
Dedicated, secure, collaborative platform

2. Creation of a dedicated and secure collaborative online platform

For all your projects, a specific secure online area is dedicated to you. This platform is the permanent point of contact between you and the team assigned to your project.

It is accessible from our website, can be consulted at all times, and is a true tool which enables all parties to work collaboratively and continuously to create an optimised shared solution.

3. Design and prototyping / Additive manufacturing

While some parts have their own useability features, in many cases your metal components are to be integrated into complex systems.
In all phases of the design, each part is liable to be modified. For this reason, we offer you at each stage of the development of your product a prototype of your part and/or subassembly.

We can produce prototypes with prototype tools, but we can also produce prototypes without tools, using metal powder–based processes, in order to minimise the cost in your development budget.

Design and prototyping / Additive manufacturing
Study & Design of tools

4. Study & Design of tools

To create parts by stamping, two elements are indispensable: knowledge of metal deformation and the design of special-purpose tools and machinery.

R&D/process services and tool design are skills that are central to stamping and the support of our production methods. It is for this reason that, since 2005, we have been studying and designing our own tools. We can advise and assist you on different types of tools, according to your qualitative and quantitative needs, to help you optimise productivity.

Our Research and Development department participates in product design using SolidWorks software, and our tools are designed using 3D modelling.

5. Confidentiality

To maintain the secrecy of your concepts and related modifications by DEP Industrie, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for each of your projects to further protect your interests and those of DEP Industrie.


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