Research & Co-design

1. Creation of our Research & Development team

With a strong desire to become a reputable industrial partner, between 2004 and 2005 we created our own Research & Development department.

Motivated by a genuine wish to innovate and design, our R&D department participates in the design of metal parts and subassemblies.

Solutions offering the best balance between technology and economy are thus adopted.

Creation of our Research & Development team
dedicated, secure, collaborative platform

2. Creation of a dedicated, secure, collaborative platform.

For all your projects, a specific and secure space is reserved for you. This platform is a place of permanent exchange between you and all of our departments.

Accessible from our website, viewable at any moment, it is an excellent tool which enables us to work collaboratively and continuously to create an optimised and shared solution.

3. Design and prototyping/additive manufacturing

While certain parts have uses in their own right, very often, your metal components are integrated into complex nomenclatures. 

As in all design phases, each part is made to be modified. It is for that reason that we offer a prototype of your part and/or subassembly at every stage of the development of your product. 

We can thus produce equipped versions of prototypes, to comply with the series production, and "toolless" prototypes to minimise the cost in your development budget, using techniques based on metal powder.

Design and prototyping/additive manufacturing
Study & Design of the tool

4. Study & Design of the tool

To be able to produce press-forming parts - the heart of our work - two elements are essential: know-how relating to the distortion of metal and the design of tools and special machines.

Real support from our production means, the R&D/Process departments and tooling; these are crucial to press-forming. It is for that reason that, since 2005, we have studied and designed our own tools. We can advise you and progress with you through various tool types, depending on your qualitative and quantitative requirements, to optimise productivity.

5. Confidentiality

In order to guarantee the secrecy of your designs and the developments brought by DEP Industrie, we can sign an NDA, for each of your projects, to best protect your interests and those of DEP Industrie.

Finally, our R&D department participates in the design of products in SOLIDWORKS and our tools are designed in 3D on LOGOPRESS.



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