Aware that tooling is crucial to our work, we have integrated our own department while upholding the strictest confidentiality.

1. Design and Production

Working in close collaboration with the "Process" R&D team, the tooling department is responsible for the design, production, development and industrialisation of tools.

The tooling department is a strategic choice and enables us to ensure the best global offer and great responsiveness in our manufacturing process.
We can guide you, from the launch of your project, on the most tailored production tool possibilities. We will make thoughtful suggestions to optimise your costs and guarantee the longevity of your tools.

Our total independence with regard to tool production enables us to perform tests on, adjustments to, and modifications of, your tools and offer 24 hour emergency repairs.

For more than 20 years, we have worked on cutting, press-forming, crimping and welding tools. We also produce specific mounting tools for subassemblies on demand. (Special machines).

To meet your requirements, we produce, in accordance with your specifications, monitoring tools, repair tools and transfer tools.

Design and Production
Maintenance, Control and Prevention

2. Maintenance, Control and Prevention

The tooling department also plays a predictive role in terms of tool maintenance and repairs.

Recognised for our expertise in the area of tooling, we also offer you our experience in carrying out diagnostics on production equipment or tools that you would like to transfer.

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