As tooling is the core of our business, we have developed our own Tool Design and Production department that maintains the strictest confidentiality.

1. Design and Production

In close collaboration with our Research and Development department, our Tool Design and Production department takes charge of the design, production, development, and industrialisation of tools.

The toolmaking business is strategic and enables us to offer the best global offering, high reactivity, and increased flexibility in our production lead times.

Right from the beginning of the project, we can offer you guidance on the possibilities of production tools and on selecting the most suitable ones. We will offer thoughtful suggestions to optimise your costs and ensure the longevity of your tools.

Our complete autonomy in the design and production of tools enables us to carry out tests, make adjustments, and perform modifications of your tools, as well as emergency repairs within 24 hours.

To cover your needs, we can produce progression tools, monofunctional tools, transfer tools, special-purpose tools and machinery, and production robots according to your specifications.

Design and Production
Maintenance, Control and Prevention

2. Maintenance, Control and Prevention

Our Tool Design and Production department also plays a role in the maintenance and repair of tools.

As we are recognised for our expertise in the field of tooling, we are also able to offer you our experience for carrying out diagnostics of existing production tools or equipment that you would like to have overhauled or modified—for example, because of quality defects or lack of conformity found in your products.

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