Our company

When we opened in 1987, cutting, stamping, and folding constituted our core business.

We specialised in designing simple parts and some basic subassemblies.

DEP 1987
DEP 2005

Starting in 2005, the further development of our knowledge and skills allowed us to offer tool and product design services to our clients.

The year 2016 marks an important turning point in the life of our company with the adoption of a client-oriented approach taking into account their needs, and the development of our Global Solution.

Now we offer a wide range of products and services in line with our core business built on cutting and stamping. Automation through the use of robots is at the heart of our current priorities in order to optimise production costs.

We innovate, design, and offer you technical expertise centred around metal transformation, and thus become an indispensable partner.

DEP 2016

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