Our values

High standards are part of our DNA and are applied to our employees, clients and suppliers alike.

Our expertise enables us to bring a precise and committed response to your requirement with real added value.

High standards at DEP Industrie are present in every one of our exchanges, and in the quality and integrity of our products.

One of our first priorities is to tailor the response to your requirement.

Our commitment is a value recognised by our clients and our partners: "At DEP Industrie, each contact honours the genuine client culture".

We make a long-term commitment to each of your requests, complying with your specifications to offer you an efficient and optimised global solution.

We also undertake to co-design our products with you, because above all else, we recognise that our contribution makes up part of a whole which must be optimised in its end use or function.

Our goal is to guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Over 30 years of business, at DEP Industrie we have learned to cultivate our creativity. With a real desire to offer innovative solutions, we have always known how to respond to every problem. We are sure that for every problem encountered, the solution is in creativity. Our creativity serves performance.

Over the years, DEP Industrie has filed several SOLEAU envelopes for multiple projects, from the existing system automation to the creation of innovative and pioneering production processes.

Since there is only genuine creativity if there is a practical application, at DEP Industrie we have also filed, through our SOLUCREA Holding:

  • Two trademarks
  • Around ten models 
  • Three patents; two ourselves and one through one of our clients.

Proof that the creativity we cultivate can bring you real added value in all your projects.

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