Our values

Rigour is part of our DNA and applies to our staff, clients, and providers.

Our expertise enables us to offer a precise and committed solution to your needs along with real added value.

At DEP Industrie, rigour is evident in all of our exchanges, and in the quality and integrity of our services.

Our requirement for rigour applies to one of our key requirements: to offer the appropriate solution to your specific needs.

Our commitment is a value recognised by our clients and partners: at DEP Industrie, each associate embodies a real client-focused culture.

We make a continuing commitment to satisfy your every request, meet your specifications, and offer you an efficient and optimised global solution.

We also commit to co-design your products with you because, above all, we are aware that our contribution is part of a whole, and your input is needed to optimise your products for operation and final use.

Our goal is to provide you total satisfaction.

At DEP Industrie, we have cultivated our creativity over time. Our genuine desire to offer innovative solutions has allowed us to provide an appropriate solution to each problem. We are convinced that the solution to any issue that may arise lies in creativity. Our creativity serves performance.

Recently, DEP Industrie has worked with its clients to file patents and has submitted several Soleau envelopes (a procedure available in France that is simpler and cheaper than a patent application) on multiple projects, from the automation of existing systems to the creation of ground-breaking and innovative production processes.

This is proof that the creativity we cultivate can bring true added value to all your projects.

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