DEP Industrie produces cut metal parts and subassemblies for numerous sectors of industrial activity such as:

  • Fire protection
  • Building and construction
  • Cable networks
  • Capital goods
  • Portable tools
  • Food industry
  • Medical industry

In all these markets, in which we are involved daily, our subassemblies can be classified into three categories:

Supports and fixings

Pipe clamps: A client contracted DEP Industrie services for help with designing a new product to increase the robustness of its piping systems.

Using our expertise, we were able to provide a cost-effective and optimised solution to improve the holding of the existing pipe clamps.

Thanks to this co-designed solution, our client has been able to gain an important competitive advantage.

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Opening and closing systems

Rack and pinions: A client needed a functional unit capable of moving its portable wall and partition systems.

DEP Industrie designed a complex and independent system in order to better meet the client’s specifications.

Thanks to this solution, the client can concentrate on its core activities, entrusting all of its ancillary tasks to us.

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Fluid treatment and transport

Casing: In order to comply with the applicable standards in various countries, our client was required to offer additional systems for the treatment of certain fluids.

In calling on DEP Industrie, our client knew that our expertise would allow them to save valuable development time. After having re-designed the complete product, DEP Industrie provided an effective and high-end solution.

The result was a practical and high-performance product.

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